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vertically focused, passion driven communities

About us

Crafting your customer digital journey

Cool Communities builds proprietary social networks for large companies, celebrities and associations.

Our Mission

We help you build meaningful connections, create cutting-edge branding strategies and implement specialized methods to maximize customer engagement.

Our Vision

To work with business owners, agencies and advising firms to simplify the setup and ongoing management of proprietary communities.   

Helping you create raving fans

Extensive studies have shown that companies that use communities to engage with their customers experience a 40% improvement in sales. The detailed information gained during the community enrollment process, enables companies to create one-to-one marketing and sales campaigns with their customers.

Our Services


We work with business function leaders to implement your community vision. We deliver high quality design and flexible customization, based of a state of the art technical framework.

High Quality Design

Our design process involves creating a wire-frame version of your community and obtaining approval from all stakeholders before development.

State of the Art Framework

We utilize the latest in technology practices, from SaaS to partnerships with top rated datacenters according to Gartner and many others.

Flexible Customization

Our propriatery community platform is designed to support rapid customization and integration with existing CRM and e-commerce platforms.

An integrated social and commercial platform at a fraction of in-house development costs


Own your customer data, conversations, insights and transactions, not third-party social network companies.


Regain ownership of your customer conversations and create new products, services and pricing insights from your own customer data.


Eliminate fees paid to send messages to customers on external third party social media platforms.


Simplify the overall user experience by customizing the look & feel of your company's online presence.

Build your proprietary community

The Cool Communities platform is an integrated community, merchant directory, marketplace and jobs portal. The sections below describe a) how to generate revenue from the platform and b) how to customize the platform to engage your target community members. In one community example, we identified 18 sources of potential revenue. Our team is available to advise you on revenue enhancement strategies.

Our platform enables the owner of the community to generate income from Digital Ads, posted by merchants that are aligned with your community members and shared objectives. Digital Ads can be sold in the Merchant Directory, on specific Group pages and/or related business pages. 

Our platform enables the owner to aggregate information from multiple news and blog feeds that are of interest to your community members on one News & Blogs page within the community platform. The primary benefit of this feature is to save your members time as they assimilate the information they read daily on multiple websites.

Our portal is integrated with a sophisticated CRM platform. The CRM platform enables the Administrator to create, execute and manage multiple concurrent marketing and sales campaigns. These campaigns can be executed by the community owner to engage new members or on behalf of Merchants that lack the sophisticated CRM capabilities of the integrated community platform. We can create a custom Cool Communities interface to your CRM platform.

Cool Communities has created a “How To” template to grow membership and engagement within your proprietary community. Our years of experience have enabled us to acquire “what works” insights. Our team can be retained to work with yours to create a design/build/execute roadmap to grow your community. 

Member engagement within the community creates unprecedented marketing and sales insights. Research shows that customers that are actively engaged with a merchant community are likely to spend 40% more annually than their non-community connected peers. The questions that are asked when new members join the community set the stage for how the community owner intends to use and/or monetize that information. They are various strategies to be evaluated regarding what information is requested when, in the community engagement process. We have given a great deal of thought to member data privacy issues and comply with the world’s leading authorities and recommendations.

The community Group Page includes an Event Management function. Merchants use this function to promote their products and services at events and invite the Group members to attend their events. A highly effective feature is the Group member’s ability to communicate directly with other members about their options in planning to attend the event: “who’s coming”; “what should we bring”; where should we meet”; “where are you staying”, etc. Merchants that utilise this feature will see their customer engagement increase significantly.

In building a community for people who love racing and cars, ( we identified 7+ million people that had automotive and motorsports industry experience. When you build your community, engage potential members with job postings from related employers.

There are multiple ways to monetize the information contributed by your community members and collected during the course of the community’s operation. On behalf of Merchant Partners, the community owner can create, execute and manage campaigns to sell products and services. Insights derived from community members can be used to create new products or services.

The Online Marketplace is a source of revenue for the community owner. Community owners can charge an Ad listee a percentage of the sale price for a product and forward the order, less the commission, or, process and fulfill an order.

Community owners can customize campaigns to grow the community and/or on behalf of Merchant partners. We provide consulting services to Merchants with regard to the development of social media campaign strategy and delivery.

Our platform integrates with all the major social media platforms. Create and post a message once and it is shared across all social media platforms.

Our Verticals

Create your passion driven community​

Within the automotive and motorsports worlds, there are 1.2 billion vehicle owners, 1+ billion race fans, 10 million collector car owners and hundreds of millions of car owners that like specific makes of vintage, historic and new cars. Racing and Cars ( is our first Cool Communities platform. RAC is an integrated community, merchant directory, marketplace and jobs platform. RAC is designed to connect all the participants of car clubs, race tracks, sanctioning bodies, race series fans, media, merchants and their customers with each other – a global community for people who love racing and cars. RAC was designed to engage the next generation.

creating unique value

Our Advisory Partners

Global 2000 companies have spent millions of dollars developing their own enterprise social network platforms, as well as paying third parties to manage their online community and digital presence. Many of these early internally-created platforms have been costly failures due to technical complexity and/or lack of internal IT resources, and the inability to keep pace with the required, rapidly evolving enterprise social media and security technology.

We provide owners and third party consultants strategy, brand management and community implementation advisory services.


Explore new ways to enhance your digital media strategy.

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